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Tymon's Flight - Mary Victoria In Tymon's Flight, debut novelist Mary Victoria successfully combines the best elements of fantasy and adventure while bringing to life her incredible world set inside the canopy of a giant tree.

Anyone who follows this blog should know by now that I love a book that really takes care to build the world of the story. In Tymon's Flight not only does Mary Victoria come up with a wonderful seed of an idea - cities supported by the branches of a giant tree - she plants what it means for the world and the societies within it in the earliest pages, and it's a great delight to watch how those ideas have taken root and grown. And it's all so natural, both the physical structure and the way this has effected the societies within the branches - nothing here is forced, and it flows so wonderfully well. It's hard to describe in so short a space how complex and captivating this world is - you really have to pick up the book yourself.

While marketed as an adult title, while reading Tymon's Flight I got the feeling it was more like a long young adult book - this feeling was confirmed when, at the book launch, Victoria mentioned that she was aiming for more of a young adult book, rather than an adult one. Not only is Tymon in his middle teens, the themes of Tymon's Flight are very much young adult in nature - it's a book about discovery, discovering oneself and the world one lives in, seeking the truth and deciding what is the right thing to do. And of course there's the life-changing effects of first love, and what happens when the impulsiveness that often comes with it takes root. Tymon is a dynamic character, and his journey - both physically and emotionally/mentally - is captivating, and I can't wait to see what happens to him (and Samiha!) next.

In Tymon's Flight, Mary Victoria has planted the beginnings of a great trilogy. Fortunately this trilogy grows fast, and I only have to wait until February to see where book two - Samiha’s Song - takes me and Mary Victoria's incredible imagination.