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Wicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound - Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguié Wicked: Witch and Curse proved to be a very strong introduction to the world of witches and warlocks, of Cahors and Deveraux, of rivals covens and magics, and Wicked: Legacy and Spellbound does a very good job of continuing the story the first set up while also expanding the world, the characters and a lot of the backstory. Unfortunately some of these aspects added layers of confusion on some matters while they supplied clarification on others, and with more characters being introduced (even as others departed) it was hard to keep track sometimes who was who. There were many times where I felt a cast list would have been very handy, just for those odd moments where I found myself trying to remember who X or Y was.

That being said, I still love the backstories and love the depth of it all. What I would love to see would be a family tree/cast list as well as a timeline. The flashbacks are definitely one of my favourite things about the series, and for someone like me those little things would be awesome. That's just me - I don't know if others would like that, but I think a cast list at least would be helpful for others as well.

A lot of the stuff I mentioned in my review for Wicked: Witch and Curse definitely applies here, so I'll save myself from repeating that stuff here and just focus on some more specific things.

Legacy: As the third in the series (and the first in this bind-up), Legacy continues to build on the story started by Witch and Curse. As it does so it also keeps going into the darkness and the backstories/motivations. It was also nice to see loose ends from the first two books were most definitely not meant to stay loose, and they were tied up in ways that showed it was part of a much larger plot. I also liked the continued expansion of the myth and magic of the setting, and the inclusion of such settings as Australia and the Dreamtime was a surprise - not unwelcome, most certainly, but definitely a surprise. A delighted surprise, for me anyway. I was, however, getting a little weary of some characters getting far more screen-time than others, as their stories had for the moment reached a sort of point where they were kind of stuck in a loop; it sort of got annoying to see more of that at the expense of other characters who at that time were far more interesting. Fortunately the book did start to deal with this, and the next book too it further.

Spellbound: This was my favourite of the two in this bind-up, and I think it was because of the secondary characters getting a chance to step forward and really prove how awesome they were. It wasn't that they weren't awesome before, of course, it's just with the burden on them (due to a very powerful character being otherwise occupied for a fair bit) and less of a focus on the story of Jean and Isabeau they had the spotlight on them as well. One character actually surprised me, rising right up and becoming one of my favourites - I expected Richard to go the way of so many parents in YA fiction these days, but no, he's developed quite well and his presence adds a different kind of characterization to the story while adding a different skillset to the main group.

There is a twist in the latter half of Spellbound that might leave some readers a little confused - I know I stopped and for half a second went, "Wait, what?" before I read into the next paragraph and it fell into place. Personally, I think this twist (and ending, leading onto the final book, Resurrection) is interesting, but I can definitely see why others on the other hand might not like it.

Overall I am very much enjoying the Wicked series, and am still very eager for news about the movie. Now I just have one more book (Resurrection) in the series to go. It'll be interesting to see how it all ends, especially given the twist I referenced above.