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Bewitching Season  - Marissa Doyle With NaNo coming up I have been on a Victorian Era (and faerie) kick and been doing my best to read as much of these two types of (YA) fiction as I can. And in my search for Victorian Era young adult novels I came across a pair of novels called Bewitching Season and Betraying Season about a pair of twins about to embark into Victorian society while doing their best to hide that they are witches. I decided, "Well, why not?" and ordered it.

My decision paid off, as Bewitching Season turned out to be a fun and clever novel filled with both the trials and tribulations of entering high society and dealing with a plot to ensnare the queen-to-be - not to mention falling in love and how to deal with it and what secrets you might have.

Our POV character, Persephone (also known as Persy), is a very relatable character, especially if you were the shy and bookish one, outshone by a sibling who was much more comfortable in the spotlight and the one that you expect to take the lead. Throughout the book we see her change and grow as a character. Shy and bookish in the beginning, Persy uses her strengths to her advantage, and when she falls she does her best to get right back up. She is not perfect - but then no one expects her to be, and the book has a decided message about being true to yourself, and how you don't have to give up one part of yourself in order to have the other.

And as for the plot? It is clever and well-paced and Doyle does well in keeping us in touch with the two main problems of the novel: the girls entering society for the first time (and the very important - for the period, of course - search for potential husbands) and the mystery of the missing governess and the plot about Victoria, keeping us abreast of both situations evenly and tying them both together with more than a touch of romance that I became desperate to see happen.

Bewitching Season is a fun read with plenty of lively characters, a good plot and a wonderful romance. Its sequel, Betraying Season, focuses on the other Leland girl, Penelope, and is out now in hardback.