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Eyes Like Stars - Lisa Mantchev When I finished Eyes Like Stars, I wished I had written it so I could claim its magic and beauty as my own. But then I was glad I had not, as there was no way I could have come close to doing this story the justice it deserved, and that Lisa Mantchev gave it.

What stands out most amongst all the wonderful things about Eyes Like Stars is the creativity. Although a theatre is often a small(ish) enclosed space, Mantchev has managed to create a whole little world using characters we are already familiar with through plays written throughout the ages - of course, once they are off the stage the characters might not be exactly as you might think they are. When their words are their own that is when really step off the page and become vibrant entities in their own right.

Eyes Like Stars is full of all sorts of wonderful little touches that make it a joy to read. From little in jokes to flashback scenes done in script format, and of course the concept of "scene change" - which does exactly as it says on the tin. It is a world finely-crafted, and with great attention to detail. It has been a while since I last came across a book that I read a book that caused me to search for clues to the future (read: Harry Potter) as much as I did Eyes Like Stars.

Eyes Like Stars is a book that captured me from the first pages, with characters that grabbed me from their first appearances, and a world which enveloped me the second I entered it. It's difficult to write a review for a book I love so much, so I suppose the many times I have gushed about this book the second people ask me what I like and convinced people to try it speaks more than any other blather I could write.

As I indicated by the first lines of this review, I love this book. So much.