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Everwild  - Neal Shusterman In the second book of the Skinjacker Trilogy, Shusterman has created a powerful follow-up to Everlost. Most of what I can say about Everwild (being forced to limit some things for fear of major spoilers) I have said about Everlost... only even more so. I did not think it was possible to best Everlost, but I was wrong.

Everwild is split into three different (but inter-connected) storylines, with each follows a different main character (Allie, Nick and Mary) and revealing new aspects of Everlost. While Allie is now Allie the Outcast, searching for her place in Everlost and more about her skinjacking abilities, Nick and Mary continue their battle for the Afterlights that populate the in-between world of Everlost. The stakes are considerably higher in this sequel, and the characters - especially Mary, who impressed with the depth of her character even as that depth proved shocking - rise to meet them.

Secondary characters are important in Everwild, and it is impressive how much detail each of these characters gets. Shusterman has an incredible gift for writing well-rounded, well-developed characters. My clear favourite was Zin, a tough little girl with a powerful gift and a heart to match. But she is not the only one, of course, and the large supporting cast makes Everwild an even more enjoyable read.

I have to say, I did not see the ending coming. While unfortunately the blurb spoiled one major plot development (don't you hate it when that happens? That's why the Everwild blurb I posted here has been edited slightly, to remove that twist), what was not spoiled proved unexpected and riveting. I could not put Everwild down in the last quarter, and the finale caused my jaw to literally drop. It makes perfect sense to the story, and definitely was the right choice but... wow. That is all I am going to say - you are just going to have to read it to find out.

There was just one problem with Everwild: I did not have the third and final part of the trilogy, Everfound, at hand.