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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White In a recent wave of YA paranormals with less-than-reactive (let alone pro-active) ‘heroines’ and love interests that seem more like villains, Paranormalcy is a vibrant addition to the YA shelves, especially the urban fantasy/paranormal section.

Right in the opening sequence White established that Evie is a strong and resourceful heroine. It’s a burst of action that not only establishes Evie but also the general feel and rules of Paranormalcy‘s setting. And not only that, it also begins to peel away some of the layers of character expectations, making even minor characters (in their first/only appearances) interesting and sympathetic. Adding in Evie’s authentic teen voice and it’s one of the best opening I have read in some time.

While Paranormalcy does have the occasional bumpy moment as it adjusts speed or turns a corner, overall it’s a gripping read. White doesn’t hesitate to do what it takes to make sure the story goes where it needs to go; there is potential for real darkness in the premise and Paranormalcy does not shy away from it at all.

The central romance in Paranormalcy is sweet and realistic (or as much as it can be given the initial circumstances) and makes a fantastic counterpoint to all the chaos that unfolds through the course of the novel. It and Evie’s other relationships with characters (be they pseudo-parental/familial or simply friendly) as well as the world around her are to me truly the heart of the novel. The mystery pushing everything forward is great as well, but for me the best moments were watching Evie interact one-on-one with characters, and her sheer delight at this ‘new’ world she was discovering after years in another.

Whether you enjoy a fast-paced paranormal mystery with high stakes or a sweet romance surrounded by paranormal elements and intrigue then I suggest you check out the newly released Paranormalcy. As for me, I’m going to be waiting anxiously for the sequel, Supernaturally.