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Resurrection - Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguié Resurrection is the fifth and final book in the Wicked series, and I have to say it was a fitting end to a very wild ride.

Just as Legacy and Spellbound built on the world of Witch and Curse, Resurrection builds on the story set up by the previous novels, finishing it off with a bang. I've often read series before where I felt dissatisfied with the ending for various reasons, or kept wanting to know what happened afterwards. This didn't happen with Resurrection - I felt everything was all tied up and I knew that my time of reading about the Cahor and Deveraux families and allies was done. And that was okay. I am sort of struggling to come up with a better way to describe how I am feeling about it - I am definitely satisfied, and my questions were answered in ways I felt fit the story and everything else that had happened, so I do not need to know more.

In my review for Legacy and Spellbound I made reference to a twist towards the end, a twist that some readers might like, while for others it'd be otherwise. As I expected, this twist was a very, very big thing in this book and I was concerned that the effects of such a twist might result in a story/writing fumble. Given my experience with my trepidation about the character of Richard, and how I was happily proved wrong about him being left behind, you'd think I would have known better. But no, Holder and Viguié manage it deftly, weaving it in slowly and then more surely, and providing explanations, conflicts and depth that I didn't even think of.

But what I really have loved about this series was the characters, especially the ones originally cast as secondary ones. Over the books the story has moved away from its initial focus around two characters and into a grand saga with a wide and interesting cast. And while that initial focus and story is still there at its heart, there were so many other characters and couples providing other parts to this story as vital as any other major organ in a body. Wicked as a whole was full of characters I met, felt happiness and sorrow with, raged with and against, and even grieved for. One character in particular I felt for - I was horrified by what had happened to her, and felt sorry for everything that happened to her and continued to happen to her. Would you believe that this character (whom I won't name or reveal anything about her fate for spoilers) was one that, at the beginning, I did not like at all? And yet she became one of the characters I liked the most and felt the most for.

I got a little teary at the ending of Resurrection, so hopefully the authors take it as a compliment while readers take it as a sign of how much I enjoyed this book and this series. This was definitely one of my favourite series this year, and I am thankful to Nancy Holder for giving me the opportunity to read and review this series (and others).

And with that I shall leave you with a version of Scarborough Fair, as performed by the band Leaves' Eyes. You'll understand why if/when you read Resurrection, but I do have to say I liked that bit. It was a very nice surprise and pleasant tie-in - I've been singing it all afternoon since I finished Resurrection. :)